When I think about the Ten Women of Hope all I can think is you should really be called Ten Angels!!! All of you are truly angels. You in your wisdom got that sometimes there are things a single mom will encounter which can mean the difference between keeping her family together and not. A broken down car is something that any of us could repair and if not we all have family members who would help us. The families we see cannot do either. That one obstacle , a broken down car, could result in a mom not getting to work, losing her job and/or losing her children because she cannot take care of them. That is one of many things you have done for one of our families. Just recently we had a mom who had a great job but due to her being laid off . As a result, she could not pay her mortgage, her utilities, etc. Then my favorite Ten Women came to her aid and this hard working single mom saw the light for the first time in what had felt like a dark world for her.

As Penny Warren recently said to me when we were talking about your group “it is a God thing”. That it is and we here at the Juvenile Court of Cobb County are so blessed by Ten Women!!! I am so sorry I cannot attend on the 30th but I will be at a meeting with the Casey Foundation about Family Drug Courts in Georgia. Please know that we are so very grateful for what you do to support our families. As a Court we are often asked to speak about how we get the “community buy in ”that we get in Cobb County for our two drug courts. It is always with great excitement that I talk about Ten Women and is not surprising that everyone in the state wishes they had their very own TEN WOMEN!!!

– Juanita Stedman, Former Cobb County Juvenile Court Judge

I cannot say enough about this organization and these 10 Women that use their talents... their hearts... their gifts to lift up so many single parents in our community.  Many of our families are hurting and struggling to make ends meet all while trying to make life "normal" and peaceful for their children.  This can be a very difficult road to go alone.  When these families entrust me with their story they are no longer alone and when a connection with 10 Women is made they know they belong to a community that cares.

I did a home visit this year to talk with a mom about some issues with her boys at school. In that visit she broke down in tears knowing that her boys needed her to be present more.  But due to some unforeseen financial expenses her full time job wasn't able to satisfy her rent and she was finding herself constantly stressed. In that moment I thought of 10 Women.  We talked more about her situation and I knew with a little additional support she would be a great candidate.  Her landlord told me she and her husband loved this family and loved those boys.  They have never raised her rent over the years and stepped in to help whenever possible.  While mom was behind more than one month's rent, she assured me that this mom was never in jeopardy of being evicted.  Wow--- what a landlord!!   I saw that she was already part of a wonderful community, one that I knew could grow even more supportive through 10 Women. I asked for WAY more than I thought was even possible for her rent and told them the landlord would be happy with whatever amount was able to be approved.  It was approved and10 Women paid it ALL.  When I told the mom she was so appreciative knowing that she could focus on the future and her boys.

When you look up the word hope it is defined as a feeling that something good will happen.  I know that when I connect the families with 10 Women something good most definitely will happen.  Connectedness, peace, calm, and joy becomes woven into the fabric of these families through your support.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for loving and lifting our families.

- Kristin Hanfland, LCSW, School Social Worker, Marietta City Schools

10 Women of Hope is so appropriately named!  The clients that I have referred have often stated that they feel overwhelmed, hopeless, out of options, and alone.   I know when I submit an application to 10 Women, I breathe a sigh of relief.  I think to myself, “If anyone will help them it’s 10 Women.”  But I never promise my client anything.  Then, when I am able to make that call and say, “My resource has agreed to pay your mortgage!” my client’s entire mood and demeanor immediately changes.  Often the client cannot fully process what I am saying.   It is so unreal for them to believe that total strangers have come to their aid so immediately in the moment of their greatest need.  Very often a client will say, “Oh, people ARE good.”  Or, “I feel so blessed that someone helped me.”  Thank you 10 Women for transforming not only the lives of my clients, but also their outlook on life.


- Lynet S. Mortensen, LCSW, School Social Worker,McEachern HS

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