What We Do

Helping Single-Parent Families In Cobb County

The mission of “10 Women of Hope” is to provide one-time financial support to stable single-parent families in Cobb County who are experiencing a critical need.

The vision of “10 Women of Hope” is to impact a family’s life by providing financial support during a critical period that results in a positive outcome.

We operate under 501(c)(3) guidelines and donations received are given to single parents who need it most.

Our commitment is to assist single parent families who, from time to time, struggle financially. We also help single dads and grandparents on occasion. We work to offer hope by helping meet their current financial needs. Often times, it can mean the difference between missing work because of car trouble or a child not getting to participate in sports because of the financial hardship it places on the parent. Whether it is to stabilize situations related to housing, employment, or health, 10 WOMEN of HOPE will not discriminate against income levels or race.

The 10 Women of Hope have established a network of reliable, community-based partners who make referrals to the organization. These partners act as an intermediary in that they submit the application on behalf of the applicants. Applicants cannot apply directly with one of the organization’s members.

10 Women of Hope” is a volunteer group with no operations cost – we have no building, no phone, and no staff. Our work is accomplished by 10 dedicated women who are volunteers and want to make a difference in the life of a single parent experiencing unexpected financial needs.

10 Women Of Hope needs your donations.

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